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Origins of Computer Viruses and Protecting your PC from them

Here's an interesting read on Electric ego about history of computer viruses and some tips to protect your computer from being infected from them. Computer viruses as we are all aware notorious for giving your a headache. They have the magical powers to snatch your peace of mind and hamper your productivity! After all, they attack where it hurts most.

computer viruses

Turning on your computer to discover that it has been infected with a virus can be just as frustrating and upsetting as waking up to the realization that you've become really sick overnight. Computer viruses operate in much the same way as a biological virus in that they thrive on being passed from computer to computer. In other words, if you have an infected computer you're likely to pass on that infection to all of your friends' computers in the same way that you'd also pass the common cold onto them. Unlike a biological virus, however, your computer can infect the computer of a friend who isn't even in the same country as you. Virus protection software is getting more advanced each day but it is still important for users to take precautions, especially with their e-mails.

Computer viruses trace their origins back to the end of the 1980s. At that time, home computers were starting to become very popular and it was common to see them in businesses and on college campuses. During these early days of home computing the computers were manufactured and shipped in the most bare bones way possible; operating systems didn't even come pre-loaded and were instead accessed by utilizing a boot up floppy disc. Although the majority of today's younger generation wouldn't even be able to recognize a floppy disc, there was a time period during which they were the most important aspect of everyone's home computer system; both the operating systems and the programs that were developed, many of which were the precursors to today's modern PC games, were very small and a large amount of them could be stored on a single floppy disc.

The fact that new data could easily be written to floppy discs opened the door for programmers who had the desire to unleash chaos; they simply created a virus script and then hid it on a floppy disc before passing that disc on to someone else. It was common practice for discs to be passed around and copied which allowed the viruses to spread quickly. As is the nature of a virus, most people had no idea that they had obtained one until it was far too late to stop the damage. Early usage of the internet consisted primarily of bulletin boards. They provided users all over the world with access to a multitude of different programs and were seen by many as one of the best aspects of home computers.

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