Sunday, January 29, 2012

Android Apps found to be Distributing Malware

A new variation of an Android malware identified by Symantec engineers has infected around one to five million downloads — "the highest distribution of any malware identified so far this year."

The combined total downloads of those apps could be as high as five million. You can see the malicious apps above. Reported by Symantec official blog, Symantec has identified 13 apps on the Android Market that are all hiding Android.Counterclank, a Trojan horse that steals information. This malware could also download more files and even display ads on the device.

Per symantec, "The combined download figures of all the malicious apps indicate that Android.Counterclank has the highest distribution of any malware identified so far this year."

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

eIQnetworks Webinar on How to Address Advanced Persistent Threats without Increasing Budgets or Personnel

eIQnetworks’ Unified Situational Awareness Platform Provides Comprehensive Approach to Dealing with Increasingly Complex Cyber and Insider Threats.

Acton, Mass. – Jan. 25, 2012 – eIQnetworks®, Inc., the only global provider of a unified situational awareness solution, today published a webinar entitled, “Proactive Threat Discovery and Risk Mitigation Demands Situational Awareness,” featuring leading analyst firm, Gartner. John Pescatore, vice president and research fellow in Gartner Research and John Linkous, vice president, chief security and compliance officer at eIQnetworks, discuss why unified situational awareness is critical to detecting and mitigating today’s advanced threats including advanced persistent threats (APTs) and WikiLeaks-style insider threats.
“To effectively and efficiently deal with both advanced targeted threats and changing business demands, enterprises need to proactively evolve their security controls and monitoring,” commented John Pescatore, vice president in Gartner Research. “Security programs need to move from reactively monitoring log events to developing situational awareness that supports rapid reaction and threat analysis along with continuous monitoring of security status.”

“We believe eIQnetworks’ SecureVue® is the only solution that delivers on all the capabilities that Gartner outlined for situational awareness in its most recent research note on the topic [“Delivering Situational Awareness” - ID# G00214313],” commented John Linkous, eIQnetworks’ vice president, chief security and compliance officer. “This is because SecureVue has been designed to deliver a more proactive approach by cross-correlating all security, threat and compliance data into one platform, rather than the limited security data analysis used by SIEM and SIEM Plus vendors that results in data gaps. The outcome is a single console, yielding a real-time, unified view of the entire enterprise’s security, risk and compliance posture.”  To view the webinar, “Proactive Threat Discovery and Risk Mitigation Demands Situational Awareness,” visit:

For more information on situational awareness, visit:

About eIQnetworks: eIQnetworks is the only global provider of a unified situational awareness solution, serving the largest enterprises around the world including government, financial, telecommunications, retail, pharmaceutical and healthcare. The company’s unified situational awareness platform, SecureVue®, delivers an accurate, timely and coherent view of the threat, compliance and risk posture via a single console. SecureVue provides real-time continuous security monitoring, compliance automation, configuration auditing and forensic analysis, all in a single solution. Vital to the protection of an organization’s infrastructure, SecureVue helps global enterprises proactively protect against cyber attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), data breaches and policy violations, so they can respond to incidents and implement security best practices. eIQnetworks is a privately held company headquartered in Acton, Mass.