Saturday, June 16, 2012

AMD ties up with ARM to improve Hardware based PC Security

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), world's renowned maker of microprocessor chips is partnering with the UK-based chip maker ARM to build a platform security processor using the ARM's Cortex-A5 TrustZone technology.

"The future chip would work towards aligning both AMD x86- and ARM-based hardware with an industry standard security solution that spans multiple processor architectures and helps accelerate broader ecosystem support," AMD said in a release.

The two companies said they plan to incorporate ARM's TrustZone security technology into AMD microprocessors starting next year.

TrustZone, which is ARM's established security system, is the dominant security technology for smartphones and tablets.

Intel's acquisition of Mcafee technologies had already signalled Intel's interest in rooted pc security deep at the hardware level. Intel had said that it intended to incorporate McAfee's security technology into its computer processor chips.

The TrustZone features supported AMD APUs are expected to hit the market in 2013.


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