Monday, December 26, 2011

Hacking Group hit US security firm Stratfor

An internet hacking group is claiming to have stolen a wealth of emails and credit-card information about clients of US-based security company Stratfor.

The group, Anonymous, says the company's clients include the US defence department, army, air force, law enforcement agencies, top security contractors and technology firms such as Apple and Microsoft.
The activists say they were able to obtain the information because the company did not encrypt it.

In an email to its members, Stratfor said it was suspending its email and servers, and was working closely with law enforcement to identify those responsible.

It also said the disclosure was "merely a list of some of the members that have purchased our publications and does not comprise a list of individuals or entities that have a relationship with Stratfor".

Anonymous has been involved in scores of hacking exploits, including the recent defacing of a website of Syria's Ministry of Defence to protest against a bloody crackdown on anti-government protesters. Last year, it launched retaliatory attacks on companies perceived to be enemies of the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Origins of Computer Viruses and Protecting your PC from them

Here's an interesting read on Electric ego about history of computer viruses and some tips to protect your computer from being infected from them. Computer viruses as we are all aware notorious for giving your a headache. They have the magical powers to snatch your peace of mind and hamper your productivity! After all, they attack where it hurts most.

computer viruses

Turning on your computer to discover that it has been infected with a virus can be just as frustrating and upsetting as waking up to the realization that you've become really sick overnight. Computer viruses operate in much the same way as a biological virus in that they thrive on being passed from computer to computer. In other words, if you have an infected computer you're likely to pass on that infection to all of your friends' computers in the same way that you'd also pass the common cold onto them. Unlike a biological virus, however, your computer can infect the computer of a friend who isn't even in the same country as you. Virus protection software is getting more advanced each day but it is still important for users to take precautions, especially with their e-mails.

Computer viruses trace their origins back to the end of the 1980s. At that time, home computers were starting to become very popular and it was common to see them in businesses and on college campuses. During these early days of home computing the computers were manufactured and shipped in the most bare bones way possible; operating systems didn't even come pre-loaded and were instead accessed by utilizing a boot up floppy disc. Although the majority of today's younger generation wouldn't even be able to recognize a floppy disc, there was a time period during which they were the most important aspect of everyone's home computer system; both the operating systems and the programs that were developed, many of which were the precursors to today's modern PC games, were very small and a large amount of them could be stored on a single floppy disc.

The fact that new data could easily be written to floppy discs opened the door for programmers who had the desire to unleash chaos; they simply created a virus script and then hid it on a floppy disc before passing that disc on to someone else. It was common practice for discs to be passed around and copied which allowed the viruses to spread quickly. As is the nature of a virus, most people had no idea that they had obtained one until it was far too late to stop the damage. Early usage of the internet consisted primarily of bulletin boards. They provided users all over the world with access to a multitude of different programs and were seen by many as one of the best aspects of home computers.

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Computer virus protection tips: Tips to fight off viruses

Monday, December 5, 2011

Social Networking danger signs to your Internet Security this Holiday Season

Holiday season is the season for sharing, but when it comes to social networking, some people may share too much about their whereabouts and the gifts they’ll give.

Facebook and Twitter are increasingly becoming a standard part of our everyday lives, but Internet safety experts say some people put too much information in cyberspace. Cyber criminals are always on the watch for people sharing too much information in their profiles. This holiday season also, they're looking for ways to compromise your internet security.

Long Island resident Howard Bernstein, for example, told Carlin he checks Facebook more often this time of year, happy to see festive photos and what his friends are up to.

“Cyber-savvy criminals are very savvy during Christmas time, and they’re looking for things like that,” said Hemanshu Nigam, Internet security expert. “Instead of casing the neighborhood, they’re casing the online neighborhood.”

Just like you lock the doors to your home, secure your social networking profiles also. Not everyone on your list of friends needs to know you’re going out of town – and that your home will be empty for days.

If you’re searching for online deals on sites like Twitter and Facebook, be wary of clicking on links. Even if forwarded by a friend, take a second look. It could appear to be the deal of the season, but scammers can create pages that look just like the real thing – and you won’t get what you bargained for.

Also if you plan to give to charities this holiday season, beware of anyone who asks for money on social media sites. Most reputable charities do not solicit donations online or over the phone.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

iPhone apps vulnerability discovered, researcher faces 1 year ban

Some news from smartphone security arena. iPhone is the first that comes in mind when talking about smartphone and with iPhone comes iPhone apps.

Apple’s iPhone apps have always been considered the safe alternative to Android. Unlike the Android marketplace, Apple screens all its apps before posting them for use. One researcher, however, discovered a bug in their screening process that would potentially allow hackers access to your phone. And, what he gets in return is punishment from Apple!

Charlie Miller, a researcher at Accuvant and one of the world's best-known Apple hackers, said,

Until now, you could just blindly trust and download as many apps as you wanted and not worry about it, but until they fix this, you really should think twice about any apps you're downloading, because they could be malicious.

Miller said he told Apple about the issue and the company told him that a fix was impending. He says he exposed the bug so that Apple could fix the issue before a malicious hacker started stealing information from customer’s iPhones. What did he get in return for his help? Apple banned him from the iOS developer program for a year.

I think it's pretty rude. If you think about what I'm doing- I'm pointing out a flaw that would affect everybody and that the bad guys could use to install malware (malicious software). And they're not paying me, I'm just doing it to be nice.

If hackers found the flaw and exploited it, the results could be disastrous.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Show Password Bookmarklet

This time I have a little bookmarklet for your that reveals passwords hidden behind asterisks in browsers. Very handy if you have forgotten your saved password and want to find it quickly. Show Password Bookmarklet will uncover all the passwords that are masked in firefox or chrome or any other browser that supports bookmarklets. All you have to do is drag the link below to your browsers' bookmarks toolbar. Tested fine to work on Firefox and Chrome.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best Internet Security Software to tackle online security threats

We are fortunate to live in the cyber age where Internet is prevalent to the present society. The Internet, which is initially a valuable information resource tool, offered several benefits to a wire array of domains. The operation of different national governments around the world has never been easy without the Internet. The traditional courier services are now replaced by most fast and reliable electronic mail, or the famous email services. Banking is not just confined within the four walls of a bank; you can now monitor your deposits as well as make transactions using your bank account with their online banking services. Business became alive in the wee hours of the evening—thanks to the Internet for making it possible.

There are more and more people who take advantage of the benefits offered by the Internet. It is not just the most versatile communication tool nowadays, but also one of the best business opportunities to start with. However, because of the popularity and wide availability of the Internet, the online threat became one of the major problems for Internet users. In fact, various “cyber criminals” are starting to create chaos, shutting down computer systems one by one, creating virus programs with the intent to destroy major network connections, and spyware that will sneak in various personal transactions on the Internet. The ratio of Internet crimes committe like identity theft (the use or rathe misuse of other’s identity), email scams, and others are plaguing the Internet community and making internet a dangerous place for the netizens.

Because of these problems, Internet security suddenly became a big concern for all Internet users. Such problems must be addressed effectively, thus a lot of people want to have the best Internet security software for their protection. To counteract it, internet security programs are being actively developed and the numbers are growing. One of the best Internet security software programs available in the market as well as on the Web for downloading is the web-filtering software. Furthermore, it also blocks specific websites, such as pornographic sites, which is believed to contain viruses and spyware programs.

Other best Internet security software include Firewalls, antivirus and antispyware scanners. These provide eminent virus and spyware protection from viruses (especially those advanced ones), hackers, and other forms of online threats. It also protects your online data against data thieves and hackers, who are using special programs to decode your passwords and gain access of useful information, such as the numbers of your driver's license and bank account information, which could be used for identity theft crime. These security software programs scan these viruses and spyware before its perpetrators could gain access to your personal information on the Internet.

Getting the best Internet security software is the pre-requisite to keeping yourself safe online. As long as smart cyber criminals are on the loose, you gotta keep yourself protected. Better to be safe than sorry.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to secure your network from Malware

Network security is a vast topic in itself.  There is a constant fight of supremacy between hackers, crackers and network security specislists. Network administrators are always watchful of any suspicious activity on their networks. One of the most significant threats to the security of a network, and the leading cause of data loss, is malware. Whether that malware comes in the form of a worm probing your external addresses for a vulnerable service, a Trojan horse program embedded inside of a download, an infected document received via email from a customer, or some other source, malware infections present a significant risk to your network. Protecting your systems and data from malware is an ongoing process that requires attention, consistency and diligence. While that sounds like a lot of work, it is really quite easy if you include these six areas in your regular system upkeep. It will also be significantly less work, than cleaning up after a malware incident. The following five tips will help you secure your network from malware and increase internet security of individual machines on the network.

  • Schedule regular scanning, virus definition download
  • Use a security scanner to identify vulnerabilities
  • Use a patch management solution to update systems
  • Use an antimalware solution to secure systems
  • Educate your users

Additionally firewalls are also very effective against malware on the network as they can prevent the spyware, virus, worm or trojan from phoning home. Invest in a good firewall system.

For more information on securing your network, visit:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How helpful are Internet Security software Reviews

Internet security software is no doubt necessary in combating the security threats online. Growth of ecommerce has also spelled the increase in fradulent activities like credit card fraud. Crackers and cyber criminals are always on the look out for a new victim waiting to grab his personal and financial data. To combat people with malicious intent, it is important to keep your eyes open and follow certain security precautions when you're online. The other thing important thing is to install an internet security suite. Something robust, credible, easy to use and actually effective.

A staggering number of options are available in security software market these days leading to confusion as to which one to purchase. Since all of the companies call themselves best in the business, it can be very confusing for you to decide whether a particular security software choice will really fit your needs. In order for you to at least have an idea on which software is the best, read a couple of security software reviews to get the picture clear. This will also help you decide which internet security program will best fit your needs. Of course everyone wants to purchase best internet security software and every vendor you come across claims of selling one.

Reading user reviews also helps in getting to know the software better. Besides, who else would have better knowledge about the software than the people who have used the software before? User opinions give you clues about the merits and demerits of a internet security solution.

If you are having trouble in finding a good pc security program or other security suite for your needs, you can always visit computer security forums ask your questions. PC Security Forum is one such forum.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Overlooking Internet Security may Hurt your Internet Business

Using your computer and a reliable Internet connection can be the best combination for an ideal business opportunity. You don’t need raise too much capital for your business venture. With just a reliable Internet connection and computer system, you can start your business right and be able to generate a regular stream of income online, depending on the online business opportunity. Chances are you're already earning a decent income from internet. But, are you aware of the security threats that may hamper the growth of your business online? Data and identify thefts are big risks online and surprisingly many entrepreneurs overlook their pc internet security while dealing with business sensitive information online. Worst still they hardly have an idea of disaster recovery.

Since internet security threats are rampent you must be aware of the miscalculations that you can commit along your online business venture, especially when you forget to prioritize the protection of your computer system from unauthorized use and data theft. Contrary to the popular belief that a small-size Internet business will make them safe from data hackers and online intruders, there is also a great risk and danger involved once you neglect to protect your computer system, especially the hacking and computer destruction activities that are increasing significantly as the Internet evolves over the years. Most small-time Internet entrepreneurs are blinded by the fact that they are not exempted from these notorious data thieves, which is not true nowadays.

According to a research, almost 50 percent of small and medium-sized online businesses failed to execute even the most basic security protection, which includes the installation of anti-spyware and anti-virus programs to their computer systems. This is one of the main reasons why the Mydoom worm triumphed and new deadly worms struck hard, affecting one out of three small and medium-sized online businesses compared to one out of six large Internet companies. This was also discovered by the ISA or the Internet Security Alliance, a non-profit organization that handles information security issues. In other words, we can conclude that even small online businesses are more vulnerable to online threats of data theft and electronic sabotage.

In fact, every small online business owner must give data and network protection more attention due to the sophistication of data thieves. These thieves have now one of the advanced software programs and hardware necessary to break into the security measures implemented by data mangers. It would be a great waste of time and financial resources if your computer is left unguarded against these advanced data thieves and online hackers. 

Keep in mind that your computer system is always vulnerable to this kind of attacks, even if you are just starting up. In fact, big businesses have more chances to recover compared to small business since big business have necessary funds available to recover from mishap. On the other hand, your small business has meager funds to start with your business—and an attack will be catastrophic for your small business.

There are hundreds of software providers that came up with latest solutions to guarantee the safety of your computer system. In addition, there are also Internet security services to guarantee protection of your online data against Internet hackers. By incorporating high level of encryption technology, hackers will have a hard time intercepting the data being stored in your computer system or while it is transmitted to a certain network of computer systems.
Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free Internet Security Software for PC

In my previous post, I talked about how important it is to invest in a paid internet security software. Paid software is supposed to be more feature-rich, comes with priority support and updates and is simply more powerful than a free security software. However, free pc and internet security software isn't that bad either.

There is some very good quality software available for free that can help secure your pc and provide good protection against hacking and other threats. Most of the free security programs however are free for personal, non commercial use. So, if you are willing to use them commercially, say for your business, it's better you go for the purchased version.

To prevent the list from getting lengthy, I'll just put very selective free software. You can use them to quickly secure your computer and internet and switch to purchased version as your needs grow.

Free Personal Firewalls

Free firewalls are good enough for basic protection against network security threats. They can effectively hide your computer on the network and can protect against both internet security threats as well as local LAN security threats.

Comodo Firewall

Private Firewall

ZoneAlarm free

If you have never used firewall before, I suggest you go for ZoneAlarm free version. Both Comodo and Private firewall are excellent as well. However they require a little tweaking and are probably not suited for a novice user.

Free Antivirus

AVG antivirus free edition

Avira Antivir Personal Free antivirus

Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus

All of the three antiviruses are recommended. The latest AVG has grown bigger in size, therefore I avoid installing it. It is a very robust antivirus though. Avira is excellent, low on resource and faster. It has few glitches of its' own though, very minor ones. Microsoft security essentials is an excellent choice as well. It is cabable of protecting your computer excellently. It is probably as good as paid versions. If you may encounter problems though if you are using a pirated copy of windows. One more reason to switch to original Windows OS.

Free Anti Malware

Super Antispyware

MalwareBytes Anti-malware

Spyware Terminator

The free antimalware tools can also be classified as free antispyware tools. The term spyware is more commonplace in use and all the three are good free spyware and malware removers.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why Paid Internet Security Software is the way to go

Let me tell you upfront that you may already know 'Paid internet security software' is the most effective in thwarting security threats that loom over in an internet connected world.

If you are like everyone else (but still unique though), chances are you have a habit of saving and securing things in your life. You save money for your child’s education, you save money to buy a nice home for your family, and you also save money for emergency situations. Now, this is a good habit but when it comes to securing a pc, increasing pc security and getting better internet security software, you probably like to take the free software route. Now, I'm not blaming on free pc security software. We have a number of great quality security software that come as freeware.  I want to turn your attention towards something severe here. With severity, I mean something which a free internet security software may not adequately guard against.

Hacking and Identity Thefts

Many people have become victims of a very serious crime called identity theft, which often results in losing a lot of money and getting sued by several people because of fraud they didn’t even commit.

If you think you are taking all the necessary steps in order to protect yourself from being victimized by this very serious crime, you should think again. Today, a lot of people use internet for cheap communication, to stay in touch with peers and family, for research work and also for purchasing stuff.

If you use the internet to purchase things, then you are vulnerable to being a victim of identity theft if you are not vigilant enough. Since the internet today is used for a lot of transactions, there are people who are also using the internet to steal from other people. They develop malicious software, viruses and trojans, that can enter your computer without you knowing about it, or they can also send you phishing emails for scamming you into providing your personal and financial information. I'll touch phishing in some other post. For now, just be aware that there is a close semblence between phishing and identity theft.

The scary thing about this malicious software in your computer is that you’ll never really know that it’s there or how it got in your computer. These cyber criminals design these programs to be invisible as much as possible. If you don’t know what to look for, chances are, you’ll never really figure out about the malicious software lurking inside your computer. These programs are good enough in stealthing themselves and still doing their jobs pretty well.

So, you now ask how you will be able to protect yourself from getting victimized by the number of malicious softwares circulating in the internet today, and how to prevent it from entering your computer. First of all, the best way to protect yourself from being a victim is by simply stop using the internet or be careful on answering emails or on visiting websites. Now, stopping using internet is not a wiser thing to do you would say. You may even yell at me for telling you to stop. The better suggestion would be to increase your pc protection to prevent malicious software entering your computer. You will do this by installing an internet security software in your computer to protect you from the malicious software and people circulating the internet today, such as computer viruses, spyware, adware, and hackers.

Now some of the free internet security software out there is quite good and can give you a basic protection against thefts. I'd still recommend going for a purchased internet security software for complete protection and piece of mind. The free versions are not really as effective as the paid version since it will only have limited functions or limited operating time. However, the free versions can serve as a temporary solution while you are still looking for the right kind of software for your needs.

The good thing about free internet security software is that it can help you test the different kinds of internet security software available today in order for you to determine which security software will give you maximum protection from hackers, viruses and other malicious software roaming the internet.

If you are running rather short of time, I suggest you bookmark this blog or subscribe the feed to keep yourself abreast of the latest security software tools and happenings. This will hopefully help you to make a wise decision when purchasing best pc security software for your requirements.